Good for business: Paid sick days level the playing field for workers

A report from ABC News examines the salary gap between working women with children and those without kids, finding that women with children earn just 75% of men’s wages (compared to 90% for women without kids) — on average, $11,000 less per year. The report includes an interview with Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Executive Director of,Continue reading “Good for business: Paid sick days level the playing field for workers”

Washington Family Leave Coalition Newsletter | 08.02.2010

Senate Appropriations Committee includes $10 million for state paid family leave programs: In its draft budget, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee has included $10 million to help states cover start-up costs for paid family leave programs. It’s not the full $50 million that President Obama proposed, and the federal budget process isn’t finished yet, butContinue reading “Washington Family Leave Coalition Newsletter | 08.02.2010”

Grocery workers’ sick deal

From the Seattle Times: Tasha West-Baker can make you a latte, slice your lunch meat or make you a cake at Safeway. And she could make your entire family ill for days. West-Baker doesn’t get paid sick days from the grocery chain, where she has worked for seven years. She works four days a weekContinue reading “Grocery workers’ sick deal”