Our Proposal

We all pay a high price for the status quo, where most people have no paid leave – but babies, low-income kids, women and elders bear the greatest cost. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Several states have already created Paid Family and Medical Leave programs – with remarkable results. Learning from those examples, we’re creating a paid family and medical leave proposal for Washington that ensures:

  • Children get a strong start in life – no matter where their parents work.
  • Elders have the loving care of family members as they face health challenges.
  • Families sustain economic security during critical times.
  • Program costs are low and predictable – about $2.00 per week for the typical worker, matched by their employer.

State legislators will soon convene in Olympia (January 2017), so we’re actively discussing and shaping policy specifics with local residents, business owners, community leaders, elected officials and others.

We want to hear from you! You can help support paid family and medical leave today by sharing your experiences and ideas. Use the form below to tell us why paid family and medical leave is important to you – and how to make it work for you and all Washington families: