Restaurant workers say they work when ill

From the Seattle Times: A cough. A sneeze. Perhaps a bead of sweat. These are not ingredients that are supposed to come with a food order, but a national survey of restaurant workers released last week served up an unsavory possibility. Two-thirds of 4,323 food servers and preparers surveyed admitted they had worked while sickContinue reading “Restaurant workers say they work when ill”

Imagining A World With Paid Sick Days

By Linda Meric,  from There are many areas of life in this country where it appears that we live in two worlds. And that’s no different when we consider paid sick days. In the first world, if you’re sick, you stay home from work, take care of yourself, and have the time to getContinue reading “Imagining A World With Paid Sick Days”

Good for business: Paid sick days level the playing field for workers

A report from ABC News examines the salary gap between working women with children and those without kids, finding that women with children earn just 75% of men’s wages (compared to 90% for women without kids) — on average, $11,000 less per year. The report includes an interview with Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Executive Director of,Continue reading “Good for business: Paid sick days level the playing field for workers”