Washington Family Leave Coalition Newsletter | 08.02.2010

Senate Appropriations Committee includes $10 million for state paid family leave programs: In its draft budget, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee has included $10 million to help states cover start-up costs for paid family leave programs. It’s not the full $50 million that President Obama proposed, and the federal budget process isn’t finished yet, butContinue reading “Washington Family Leave Coalition Newsletter | 08.02.2010”

How to cut business costs by adding benefits

It’s no secret that workplace benefits like paid sick days and paid family leave reduce turnover, boost morale and improve workplace productivity. Not only do these benefits also come at a low financial cost to businesses, but employers who offer them experience a significant economic boost from improved employee productivity and reduced spread of illness.Continue reading “How to cut business costs by adding benefits”

Chart of the week: Support for paid sick days extends across the political spectrum

A recent survey designed and conducted by National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago asked Americans about their support for paid sick days as a labor standard — similar to workplace safety laws or the minimum wage. When asked the question: “The government sets various standards to protect workers’ rights. How important doContinue reading “Chart of the week: Support for paid sick days extends across the political spectrum”